The Cosmic Clues


Author: Manjiri Prabhu
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai
(Pp 316, ISBN 978-81-8495-479-1, Rs 299)

Claimed to be India’s first astro-detective novel, the book is about a detective agency that uses horoscopes to solve cases. When a young detective agent Sonia Samarth starts her private investigation agency guided by Hindu astrology, it raised many eyebrows. Soon, Sonia proved her mettle by solving various cases.

But, one has to look at one’s own stars as well…was all this destined in Sonia’s life? She needs to know the invisible thread that binds all the cases she has solved. Life has its own ways and who can better understand than a person who believes in astrology. Different but interesting, the book will be liked by people who love mystery as well as those who have some faith in astrology.

–Varsha Verma

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