The Urja Series: Level 03


Croc Tales of Bhitarkanika (Author: Mala Kumar, Illustrator: Sonal Goyal, ISBN 978-81-938412-5-9); Shooting at Dhab Dhabi Falls (Author: Mala Kumar,  Illustrator: Anupama Ajinkya Apte, ISBN 978-81-938412-0-4);
Jonaki Dreams (Author: Aditi Ghosh, Illustrator: Sonal Goyal, ISBN 978-93-89192-00-1); Blowing in the Wind (Author: Aditi Ghosh, Illustrator: Sonal Goyal, ISBN 978-93-89192-09-4); Idea Express (Author: Mala Kumar, Illustrator: Sonal Goyal, ISBN 978-93-89192-10-0)

Publisher: Manan Books
(Pp 20 each, Price: Rs 200 each)

Children should be encouraged to live in harmony with other beings and environment. The Urja Series takes a peek into the world of problem solving. These books encourage the reader to use their brains, while enjoying reading the stories. These stories are set in the Indian landscape and compel the reader to think about living well and also to attain sustainability. Co-published by Manan Books and SELCO Foundation, these books bring a strong focus on the significance of renewable energy. Children are encouraged to think about the environment and the use of energy and how this will impact the quality of their lives.

Each book in the series has an interesting storyline coupled with equally attractive illustrations that keep the reader glued to the book. The language is simple and the settings familiar to Indians. While, a child reads the story, he reaches the Recharge! section in the book, which makes a child think. There is useful information on topic related to book, along with word puzzles and related questions, which make the child think and expand his horizons. It compels them to think aloud and find a solution to the problem they are reading in the story, thereby improving their problem-solving skills. Parents/teachers can discuss the problem with their children and help them reach a sustainable solution. Thought-proving and excellent books to hone life skills, these books are recommended for middle school children.

– Varsha Verma

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