The Last Ball Six


Author: Pradeep Kapoor
Publisher: Amaryllis
(Pp 246, ISBN 978-93-88241-56-4, Rs 250)

This book seems to be a tribute to a crazy Indian Cricket Fan. The book revolves around a big Indian cricket fan. If cricket could be equated to religion, Tijinder Tuteja or Titu would automatically qualify as Devotee Number One. Cricket was the elixir of life for him.

Over time, Titu gets addicted to T20 — the new, bang-bang variety of cricket. His favourite team is the Punjab Pulverizers and his god is Khoobraj Singh, the PP’s acest batsman. In a bit of a stroke of luck, Titu wins a couples entry-pass to the final match of BPL – the Bharatiya Premier League – the T20 cricket tournament on the face of this earth… and the cherry on the cake is that PP are going to be playing HH — the Haryana Hounds.

It turns out to be quite a humdinger of a match — sending Titu’s heart-rate and blood pressure soaring with each passing minute. He turns very pale and begins to perspire copiously. But so engrossed is he in the match that he doesn’t feel the gnawing pain creeping up his chest until suddenly, he collapses in his seat and his heart stops beating. Who wins this match of life and death?

Written in a humpurous way, the book will sure make you remember cricket fans in your family.

– Vasu V

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