Healing through Mantra


Authors: P Khurana and Seemaa Singh
Publisher: Teenage Publishers
(Pp 142, ISBN 978-93-85385-45-2, $13.99)

The importance of Mantra in mitigating all the problems of life is well known. A mantra has the beneficial effects because of the sound it vibrates as every sound has a meaning. The book explains the fundamental principles of Mantra therapy in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

The book is an attempt to develop the human potential through Mantra. It throws light on what Mantras are, what are the benefits and how to use them. Every Mantra has been specified individually alongwith its method, rosary, direction, asan and other relevant instructions. There is a glossary at the end for the convenience of the readers.

So, those who wish to know more about these powerful mantras, will find this book easy to read and comprehend.

– Varsha Verma

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