For the Love of a Man


Author: Amrinder Bajaj
Publisher: Niyogi Books,
(ISBN 93-86906-87-8, Rs 395)

Though this is an autobiographical fiction, it seems to be so realistic. The book reminds of how women were raised in 1970s. The girls were not supposed to have an opinion of their own at that time and were often forced into loveless marriage, against their wishes. They did not have the liberty to fall in love.

In this book, the story revolves around a girl Amrita, who married a man of their parents’ choice against her wishes. She moves on in life but deep within, she had the craving for love, which she could not get from her marriage. Eventually, she falls for a wrong man but she could not cope up with the pressure of marriage and love affair. She flees to Himalayas to seek peace and realises that whatever she was searching for was embedded deep within her. A self-realisation takes place and she is finally at peace.

The book is quite interesting and each incident, each setting in explained to the minutest detail. Sometimes, the details seem too much, otherwise it is an interesting read and makes you laugh and cry with the protagonist. It captures the feminine emotions very beautifully.

– Varsha Verma

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