Producing next generation school books with Goss


Considering their requirements for more speed of production and large-scale productivity of a highly quality conscious, Brazilian specialist publisher Editora COC invested in a four-high Goss Community SSC tower configured with a zero speed splicer, remote ink-key setting, a UV dryer and a folder with quarterfold, capable of handling up to six ribbons and operating at speeds up to 35,000 copies per hour. It also features Goss Omnicon press controls.

Editora COC is a company with a successful history in educational publications. Named after the COC teaching model that has been widely adopted across Brazil, it was founded in 1986, the year in which the COC methodology was taken from a regional operation to be incorporated into Brazil’s national education system. Producing its own material, the COC institution revolutionized the educational sector and today presides over 18 teaching institutions all over the country as well as five publishing companies, among them Editora COC.

“We chose the Goss Community press for its high-speed production and optimum cost-benefit ratio,” explained Rafael David, graphic manager of Editora COC, adding, “Even though we haven’t needed to run it at maximum capacity yet, we have noticed the difference.” According to Vitor Dragone, general manager of Goss Brazil, the requirements of Editora COC are typical of a country which continues to see significant growth across a range of specialist applications. “Goss products are well matched to the evolving requirements of this dynamic region,” commented Dragone.

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