Fear of Lions


Author: Amita Kanekar
Publisher: Hachette India
(Pp 336, ISBN 978-93-88322-21-8, Rs 399)

The book is a fictional account of a revolt against taxes imposed by emperor Aurangzeb, set in 1673. The Satnami (seekers or followers of truth) revolt, though unsuccessful, left an indelible impact. Though it is historically an authentic revolt, the author has weaved it as a work of fiction.

The book is quite interesting with so many historical facts involved. At times, the book seems to be quite realistic. The architectural extravaganza, ancient traditions, caste society, capitalism — the book is an amalgamation of all elements prevalent in that period. Then, there is the mention of saint-poet Kabir of Banaras, who could have incited violence. Then, there was the Firangi involvement too!

All in all, it is wonderful work of fiction, but will be savoured by people who are familiar with the reality.

– Varsha Verma

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