Kohli Printofast opens up new horizons of book printing


If You Dream It, We Can Print It!—This is the tagline of New Delhi-based Kohli Printofast, first-of-its-kind print center to open in the capital city and NCR, offering complete print solutions and services as per their customers’ demands and requirements in terms of print quality and paper. The company also offers new innovative options toward book printing, providing publishers with the best ever print-on-demand (POD) service.

Kohli Printofast is designed to leverage the idea of a typical retail print shop offering highest competency in digital printing. “Moving forward, adding new vigor to our overall activities we have made a new move into book printing. Now we are working with many publishers, giving them best ever print-on-demand (POD) services as well as specialised solutions,” says Mr. Chetan Kohli, Founder Director of Kohli Printofast.

The state-of-the-art production setup of Kohli Printofast occupies an area of 15,000 sq ft. For their new move into book publishing, the company has upgraded its production facility with the installation of a number of state-of-the-art machines. These include a brand new Konica Minolta Acurio PRESS 6120, a fully automated monochrome digital press with print output of 120ppm. This high-speed monochrome press is a perfect dual-colour scanner with a maximum scanning speed of 240 ppm, with enhanced Open API and IWS applications support. “The richness and density of black and grayscale of this dual component press is amazing and end results are brilliant,” mentions Mr. Kohli

Other than Konica Minolta Acurio PRESS 6120, Kohli Printofast also has a Canon imagePRESSC7011VP and Konica Minolta 1052. For ease of operations and to provide a 360 degree, single contact solution centre to the customers, Kohli Printofast boasts of complete end-to-end in-house book binding experience with machines for centre stitch, perfect binding and hard case binding. “Having an all-in-one, high end print facility not only saves the customer’s time and effort but also turns out to be more satisfactory and economical,” says Mr. Kohli. Kohli Printofast is now capable of printing 13×19 inch, which is upgraded from the earlier 12×18 inch. “We have the flexibility of printing book size up to 6.25×9.5 inch, using papers ranging from 55gsm to 300 gsm. These are certain added capabilities we have recently brought into our production facility,” says Mr. Kohli.

“We provide specialised variable data solutions, either in the form of bar or QR code printed on each and every copy of the book we print, so that it could be tracked when publishers dispatch the books to distributors, bookshops or end users. Since every book has a unique code, it’s easier for the publisher to detect whenever problems arise, whether it is a binding issue, printing concern, damage at warehouse or anything else. Even a publisher can track when or where a book is delivered, this helps a lot in inventory management and cut down on chance of books being defective,” mentions Mr. Kohli.

Nowadays the volume of production of publishers has drastically gone down. In this respect, the trend of POD is accelerating fast. “A traditional offset printer has generally set the rule of printing at least 10,000 copies of a book. This is no longer a compulsion. Even publishers today have the choice of printing only a few or a dozen copies of a book. We at Kohli Printofast make it possible by opening up new options and increasing possibilities in book publishing at reduced time and cost, without compromising the quality,” says Mr. Kohli.

On the other hand, there are also an increasing number of self publishing authors who do not want to go to publishers. They just turn up at Kohli Printofast and provide them the print solutions they are looking for.

Mr. Kohli says, “Many customers just visit our website and call us requesting to print a few copies of their books. We help them right from typesetting, choosing paper, printing and binding. Now that the overall focus in the book publishing industry has been changed, POD is the new way to go and make sure it turns out to be a satisfactory journey for the customers without the hassles involved,” says Mr. Kohli.

Range of books printed at Kohli Printofast includes coffee table books, children’s educational books, novels, etc. After all, there is no rush at this one-stop printing solution shop as customers come, relax and discuss what exactly they want over a cup of coffee.

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