Dominique Sigaud in The Media Rumble


The French Institute in India was honoured to invite award-winning journalist, essayist and writer Dominique SIGAUD in India for The Media Rumble and a series of talks in New Delhi and Mumbai. A former war journalist, she writes on topics that hurt, where men are at the limit of humanity, death-row, war, women etc.

The Media Rumble, which took place on August 2 and August 3, 2019, at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, is a specially-curated two-day news forum that featured panel discussions, film screenings, talks, interviews, workshops and exclusive masterclasses. Day one of The Media Rumble saw Sigaud in thought-provoking dialogue with Khalid Shah, Rahul Dev, and Vani Tripathi Tikoo on ‘Agents Provocateurs: Media’s Role in Instigating Social Conflict.’ ‘Is primetime hysteria on TV news justifying violent acts by vigilantes or even worse, is it fueling them?The discussion was moderated by Manisha Pande, Associate Editor at Newslaundry. On day two, Sigaud was in conversation with anchor and journalist Faye D’Souza on the release of her upcoming book titled La Malédiction d’être fille or The Curse of Being a Girl. This book is an investigation into the contemporary issues that universally affect women. It looks at statistics obtained with the help of many international associations and women in France, the United States, India, and Egypt.

Source: Institut Français en Inde

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