Macmillan Education Schools Division to withdraw from Australian market


Macmillan Education Schools Division has decided to review its local operations in Australia with the intention of withdrawing from the Australian market in due course.

Following a review of the Macmillan Education global curriculum portfolio, they have decided to focus on markets where Macmillan Education has a strong competitive position or expects sustainable future growth, such as Argentina, Caribbean, India, Mexico, and Southern Africa.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in the Australian K-12 market, which has shown continuous decline in recent years. Despite the commitment and talent of the local team, Macmillan Education has not been able to operate in a sustainable way. As a result, they will be working with staff, authors, customers and other stakeholders to manage withdrawal from this market. Macmillan Education K-12 books are used in schools throughout Australia and Macmillan Education will be reaching out to customers to discuss existing agreements and ongoing support to ensure they can continue to use the products they have purchased and that any impact on students is minimised.
Macmillan Education is a part of global publisher Springer Nature. This decision does not affect Macmillan International Higher Education (MIHE), Macmillan’s English Language Teaching (ELT) businesses or any other Springer Nature companies operating in the ANZ markets.


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