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What’s life without books? They educate, inform and help shape our lives. Thus, a publisher, a book distributor and a bookshop – all have an important role in our lives. Delhi Book Store (DBS) is not just a book distributor, they are also a publisher and they have one of the finest bookshops in the country. Here’s more from this book world giant.

No matter what his rank or position may be, the lover of books is the richest and the happiest of all. –John Alfred Langford.

While, the intellectual giant Chanakya said, “Swadeshe pujyate raja, Vidwan sarvatra pujyate,” which means a king is worshipped in his own kingdom but a man with proper knowledge is honoured, respected, or worshipped everywhere…always…in all ways, irrespective of any country, creed, or colour.

These sayings bear a unique value. A qualified or learned man can earn the bread anywhere in the world with a little effort. Many avenues are opened wide for the legible and skilled persons. In contrast, an illiterate struggles with life everywhere all the time. There is no end of their sufferings and pains.

This is for what we devote the first phase of our life in earning knowledge or qualification. In ancient Gurukul system of education, students had to spend their early life with their Gurus for gaining proper knowledge in every sphere of life. In fact, learning has never been restricted to any age bar. We learn in our whole life—from cradle to cremation ground.

No doubt, books are the main source of acquiring knowledge of mundane as well as supra mundane world. This is for what in spite of rapid growth in digital technology and other techno-based learning sources, the value and thirst of reading a printed book is indispensible.

DBS, one of pioneer bookstores in Asia is tuned with this basic human psychology – puts all its efforts in collecting books from around the world, and serve the readers community by providing them what they actually need. DBS possesses an immense passion for every title of every field. May it be the unique title of medical, architecture, or technology or a cutting edge reference book, or a light novel of world class novelist, or a classic text on religion…DBS have all of these. Now the number of collection has crossed over 3,00,000 number.

“We regard our customers as the glacier of our continuous progress and value their time and money. Our well-experienced staff is always ready to attend every customer individually to fulfill their needs and demands in a cordial way,” shares Prateek Ahuja, CEO, DBS. Undoubtedly, DBS is well known for its proper, prompt, and aesthetic customer service.

And, Delhi Book Store is not just about book distribution. DBS IMPRINTS, the sister concern of DBS, is blooming day by day with its well-researched titles. Besides other relevant and contextual titles, DBS IMPRINTS has recently published a key series on Library Science. The Library and Information Science book series is extremely important for academics, researchers and practitioners who are involved in information science and librarianship research. The series will aid to keep up with the latest research findings and trends. The series promulgate new ideas and research in the field of library and information science providing research monograph related to leading edge aspects of the field by key authors.

Surmounting all the hurdles and difficulties in present day’s business world DBS unfurls its flag of victory gloriously and continues to move ahead with sincere perseverance and constant hard work.

DBS – Quick Facts

  • More than 3,00,000 titles under single-roof
  • Books from Indian and foreign publishers
  • Books sold at attractive prices
  • Books displayed subject wise on different floors
  • A must visit book showroom for all age groups


  • Publishing new titles
  • Buying & selling copyrights
  • Open to booksellers, distributors and individuals

Looking for a publisher?

DBS invites authors from all corners of the world to get their work imprinted from DBS IMPRINTS and have a professional, profitable and unselfish experience.

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