Enchanting Stories from India and Abroad


Author: R K Madhukar

Publisher: Moonlight Books

(Pp 240 ISBN: 978-81-936839-6-5, Rs 325)

Stories never come of age…they are told and retold from one generation to another and still have the same effect on children. Children all over the world enjoy listening to and reading stories of adventure and excitement, valour and wisdom, humans and animals, heroes and giants.

This book is a collection of 12 stories from different countries. Each story has a Preamble which gives its origin in folklore and mythology, glimpses of geography, ancient culture, and brief profiles of different countries. All the stories have been selected to not only entertain the readers, but also teach life’s important lessons. What’s more? The fun of reading is supplemented by the deliberate use of idioms, phrases and vigorous and punchy words. Meanings and origins of idioms and phrases have been specially included to enrich your knowledge of English.

Both children and adults will enjoy reading this book!

– Varsha Verma

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