Develop Super Power Memory


Author: Neha Mathur

Publisher: Lotus Press

(Pp 182, ISBN 978-81-8382-223-7, Rs 175)

Human memory is not fixed at birth. At any point in life, you can use memory improvement techniques to develop your memory to its full and amazing potential. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how bad you feel your memory is? Most of us have never known a strong memory. In fact, we’ve forgotten just how incredibly strong the human memory can be. Years ago, it was not unusual for some people to be able to recite an entire book from beginning till end strictly from memory.

This book gives simple, proven methods to easily remember addresses, dates, and facts about people, agendas, terms, and much more. It helps to control situations and speak impressively. The simple, cutting-edge techniques presented in this book, can improve your memory.

– Vasu V

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