A witty, satirical look at our officials!


Sharmaji, Padmashree: Escapades of a Self-styled Gandhian, authored by Vithal Rajan, was released by Dr YV Reddy, chairman of the 14th Finance Commission of India, & former governor of the Reserve Bank of India; Dr Suman Sahai, director, Gene Campaign and Jayant Prasad, former ambassador of India.

Sharmaji Padmashree charts the life of a respectable middle-aged leader of an NGO in an ironic and witty manner. The protagonist, Vedavyas Sharma, is as much a victim of his circumstances and his profession, as a wilful perpetrator of shady deals in the name of development and benevolence. The NGO manager is not such a dedicated ‘Gandhian’ leader of civil society as development organizations make him out to be. Illustrations in the book add colour to the story. The book is published by Konark Publishers.

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