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Timeless topics and national concerns form the choice of titles at New Delhi based Konark Books, who have made a mark for themselves.

At Konark Books, we ask ourselves ‘Why are we in this business?’ Our answer is not simple really. For over thirty years in the business, we have, against considerable odds, believed that books are heirlooms to be handed down from generation to generation. We have a strong desire to leave a legacy that our readers can be proud of, says KPR Nair, founder Konark India.

In the pursuit of this objective, Konark has sought high standards in Indian publishing–amply reflected in the caliber of their authors, choice of subjects, and uncompromising commitment to production values. “Our founding principles have rested on the belief that as publishers we must help explore new frontiers of knowledge and stimulate intellectual curiosity. Often daring to take on a ‘taboo’ subject, Konark is willing to speak truth to develop a vibrant reading culture and enrich public discourse,” he adds.

Recent publications cove a wide spectrum of abiding subjects and current issues. Ranging from culture to politics, spirituality to management, health to sociology, among other subjects, these books are authored by eminent and knowledgeable personalities. One recent publication worth mentioning is Dr Narendra Jadhav’s trilogy on Dr Ambedkar’s speeches, Ambedkar Speaks: 301 Seminal Speeches.

Other popular titles include Who is Kalam? A Good Human Being and Contract Management by R Ramanathan; Death and After by Justice VR Krishna Iyer; Dharma Rajya: Path Breaking Reforms for India’s Governance by Sundeep Waslekar; Not A Licence to Kill by Rajendra Shekhar; Problems in Governance in South Asia by VA Pai Panandiker; Mulayam Singh by Ram Singh Yadav and Anshuman Yadav, to name a few.


Besides their showroom at their headquarters in Delhi, their books are distributed all over India through their regional offices and representatives in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata. For overseas market, they have tied up with India Book Distributors (Bombay) Ltd, and UBS Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi for South and South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East, UK, Europe and USA.

Konark International, Seattle…

Konark International, an associate of Konark Publishers India, is an independent company dealing with all aspects of publishing. Besides publishing original reprints and representing US authors and publishers in India, Konark International also provides full service e-book conversion and distribution to publishers in the South-East Asia market. “In all aspects of our work, we provide the much needed bridge between South-East Asia and the US,” adds Nair.

With a legacy dating back to nearly three decades in publishing in India, Konark Publishers India has built a formidable reputation in the industry for quality publishing and aggregation of a considerable intellectual capital. “Konark International will leverage these capacities, goodwill and readily available resources to offer considerable cost arbitrage and efficiencies in the publishing process,” concluded Nair.

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