Grains: The Cause of Human Diseases


Author: Dr. NK Sharma
Publisher: Teenage Publishers
(Pp 174, ISBN 978-93-85385-44-5, Rs 399)

The book aims to unfold the root cause of human degeneration deformities and diseases. It tries to unveil the reality of original human nutrition for abundant energy, longevity and optimum health. According to the author, grain, milk and non-vegetarian food have given diseases to mankind.

The book throws light on how these products have added to epidemics, diseases, debilitations and deficiencies, inflicting pain and sorrow into man’s life. Besides, the book gives valuable advise on how we can not only remain free of diseases lifelong up to a great age but also be free of the ministrations of doctors and the associated paraphernalia of diseases, medicines, deficiencies and so on.
– Vasu V

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