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Commutiny Sparking an inside-out youth leadership revolution

Author: Arjun Shekhar & Mahamaya Navlakha
Publisher: Konark Publishers Pvt Ltd
(Pp 248, ISBN 978-81-935-5541-5, Rs 495)

This is a paradox where both quality and quantity have to be achieved.Scale with soul-Scoul.The problem is leaders are neither born nor made; they become leaders in empowering spaces.The 5th Space, besides family, friends, education and liesure, is such an experiment and is being implemented in 17 states. Earlier outlined in the book Ocean in a Drop, its principles of Co-leading, Refl-action, Freason (feelings and reason), Non-judgment, and psycho-social transformation, among others have been well accepted. This book follows a young leader as he tries to create such a sustainable 5th Space. This fictionalised non-fiction celebrates the mistakes of its protagonist as he attempts to co-mould the rural BPO he founded, into a 5th Space. Through his tests and contests, fears and tears, worries and stories, the reader is taken on a vicarious learning journey in which a systemic framework for selfand societal renewalis unveiled step by step.

The trees called Sigru (Moringa SP.)

Author: Jan Meulenbeld
Publisher: Motilal Banarasidass Publishers
(Pp 156, ISBN 978-81-208-4206-9, Rs 995)

Research on the Ayurvedic materia medica, is a venture bristling with pitfalls despite the apparent confidence displayed in the lists of botanical identifications of medicinal plants in numerious publications on the subject. This self assurance is unwarranted in quite a few cases, as this study will demonstrate.

Dalit Literature: journey from repression to resistance

Author: Dr S Chelliah and Dr Bijender Singh
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pp 322, ISBN 978-93-5324-052-3, Rs 1,250)

As a valuable document of social criticism, this book entitled Dalit Literature: Journey from Repression to Resistance epitomises one healthy step for projecting Dalit consciousness in literature especially Dalit Literature will find this book extremely useful and informative. The esteemed contributors, who have enriched this book with their valuable research papers, are Dr S Chelliah, Dr Bijender Singh, Dr Shalini Saxena, Harish Mangalam, Dr V Nagarajan, Dr M Richard Enrico, Dr C Ramya, Dr Suruchi Sharma, Dr F Vincent Rajasekar, Neha Raina, Dr S Pushpalatha, Dr Ishrat Jahan, KM Keerthika, Sanjay Kumar, S Divya Bharathi, N Kaushi Reddy, Guni Vats, Disha Sharma, SF Filomine White Sheela, Dr Kishore Ram, Dr Kusum Kanger, Dr Prachi Priyanks, AP Pavithra Bhuvaneshwari, Dr Jayashree Hazarika, Dr Pallavi Saxena,Dr Sumitra Singh, Dr Sakunthala AI and Dr Sadhana Agrawal.

The criminal justice system in india

Author: HR Bhardwaj
Publisher: Konark Publishers Pvt Ltd
(Pp 234, ISBN 978-9322008956, Rs 500)

India is going through testing times with its criminal justice system on a continuous decline. Due to some of the redundant provisions in the judicial system, human rights are gravely compromised in the country. The Criminal Justice System in India by former Governor and Union Law Minister HR Bhardwaj gives an insight into what led to the present scenario and argues why the legitimate claims of citizens cannot be overlooked in a democratic nation. It also focuses on the role played by judges and lawyers in upholding the highest standards of the judiciary.

The Hindu rite of entry into heaven

Author: David M Knipe
Publisher: Motilal Banarasidass Publishers
(Pp 325, ISBN 978-81-208-4244-1, Rs 900)

This book comprises a smorgasboard of essays on death, dying, funeral rituals, ancestor ceremonies, ghosts, and other subjects in the realm of Mrityu, the god of Death, and aparam, the Sanskrit and Telugu word for human End Time. The focus stretches from the Rg Veda to present-day Hinduism, textual and non-textual. The title of the book is that of the first essay, an ethnographic and Vedic/Classical Sanskrit textual study of the sapinda ritual that occurs on the twelfth day of a full-scale, textually accurate funeral. That field work was accomplished during a year-long study of funeral rituals in Varanasi, the ancient city of Kasi where it is most auspicious for Hindus to die and be cremated in a final sacrifice of the body.

The unravelling of Mgnrega

Author: Archana Sinha,
Denzil Fernandes
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
(Pp 156, ISBN 978-81-897-6269-8, Rs 540)

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) has been one of the flagship social security schemes in rural India to address under-employment in India. After the Act was passed in parliament on 5th September, 2005, it came into effect from 2nd February, 2006, in 200 districts. Later the coverage of the rural employment scheme was gradually increased till it covered the whole country in 2009. The book “The Unravelling of MGNREGA” is an outcome of a research study conducted to capture the process of implementation of this landmark social security scheme and its impact on the lives and livelihoods of the rural poor.

Sant Jnaneswara’s pasayadana

Author: Dr Shrikrishna Deshmukh
Publisher: Motilal Banarasidass Publishers
(Pp 195, ISBN 978-81-208-4208-3, Rs 195)

Mere recitation, reading or singing of verses in Pasayadana has evidently not changed people or society. The Indian mindset has resigned to constant expectations of blessings, grace or divine power in life. As a result, people have become dependent, lethargic, passive and actionless, which surely is an area of concern.

The essence of Drk-Drsya Viveka

Author: Dr Shrikrishna Deshmukh
Publisher: Motilal Banarasidass Publishers
(Pp 110, ISBN 978-81-208-4217-5, Rs 195)

Samadhi is a topic of great curiosity, amazement, astonishment and mysteriousness. There are stories of people sitting quietly in Samadhi for years together. Stories of Uddhava, Hanumana in Samadhi are startling for many people. Drk-Drsya Viveka, however, explains the concept of Samadhi based on Vedanta philosophy in a lucid, coherent manner. Various types of Samadhi have been explained to help genuine seekers developthe firm belief that, they too can practice Samadhi. The success of this trealise indeed lies in this feature.

Mussoorie’s mythistory

Author: Jyotika Mansata
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 118, ISBN 978-93-86906-70-0, Rs 295)

For many years, High and Colleen Gantzer have criss-crossed our endlessly intriguing land, and spanned the globe, to bring us fascinating tales of travel. Now they turn their attention to their own little town in the Himalayas. This collection presents the ‘mythistory’ of Mussoorie, with 12 surreal tales that blur the line between fact and fiction.

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