Offset Printing & Troubleshooting


[Practical Guide for Technicians/Operators/Supervisors & Managers (English/Hindi)]
Author: K Goswami
Publisher: DK Consultant, Faridabad
(Pp 162, ISBN 978-81-921838-0-0 (English), 978-81-921838-1-7 (Hindi), Rs 400 each)

After the successful release of the English version and continuous demand for the Hindi version of this practical guide, the author K Goswami has released the Hindi version recently. The book is a complete practical guide designed to help commercial and packaging printers to achieve better printing results. Finer details of the printing process and troubleshooting are presented in a concise and easy to understand format. It not only sheds lights on the specific problems repeatedly faced by the printing industry but also gives remedies to counter them effectively as well.

Broadly divided into 12 sections in simple and lucid language, the book will be liked by both technical as well as non-technical staff and young learners of printing industry, who will be benefited in the implementation of their day-to-day production work in a better way.

–Varsha Verma

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