Konark Publishers Pvt Ltd


Konark Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, prides itself on being a sentinel of quality publishing. For over 30 years in the business, they have, against considerable odds, believed that books are heirlooms to be handed down from generation to generation. Their articles of faith, therefore, draw their sustenance from a desire to leave a legacy that their readers can be proud of.

Quality: supreme…

In the pursuit of this objective, Konark has sought high standards in Indian publishing–amply reflected in the calibre of their authors, choice of subjects, and uncompromising commitment to production values.

Vast genres…

They have a track record of publishing meaningful and intellectually stimulating books which have contributed immensely to critical discourses on issues and concerns of national importance. Ranging from culture to politics, spirituality to management, health to sociology, among other subjects, these books are authored by eminent and knowledgeable personalities. Most of these publications have garnered appreciative reviews.

Distribution and reach…

Once launched, Konark titles are displayed in its showroom at its headquarters in Delhi and distributed pan-India through its regional offices and representatives in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata. In addition, Konark has created a chain of prominent booksellers throughout the country. Konark books are directly distributed abroad and by India Book Distributors (Bombay) Ltd., and UBS Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi and exported to South and South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Europe, the UK and the US.

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