Greater Magadha: Studies in the Cultures of Early India Author: Johannes Bronkhorst


Author: Johannes Bronkhorst
Publisher: Motilal Banarasidass
Publishers Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
(Pp 414, ISBN 978-81-208-3534-4, Rs 795)

Greater Magdha, roughly the eastern part of the Gangetic plain of northern India, has so far been looked upon as deeply indebted to Brahmanical culture. Religions such as Buddhism and Jainism are thought of as derived, in one way or another, from Vedic religion. The book deals with these incorrect notions and argues for the importance and independence of Greater Magdha as a cultural area until a date close to the beginning of the Common Era. A well-researched book for all who wish to know more about the cultures of early India! –Vasu V

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