FIDO DIDO to compete with film stars and sports stars


In the present day competitive world of advertising and celebrity endorsements, animated characters have made their mark and are fast replacing the celebrities and have gained a prominent recognizable position all across. The mass appeal of these animated characters is selling everything from T-shirts, mobile phones to bags to fizzy drinks and the audiences are simply fascinated. The popular FIDO DIDO is back.
Companies like 7-Up, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Vodafone, Reliance Communications among other known players are encashing on the mass appeal of animation based advertising in a big way.

FIDO DIDO is popularly known as the global icon of 7 UP and PepsiCo International. The Icon was initially designed by Joanna Ferrone and Sue Rose. Joanna Ferrone developed a new 3D look for Fido after working with Pepsi and the campaign really took off.

Aadarsh Pvt Ltd, a leading publishing and entertainment house has been expanding its reach to meet new levels; they have licensed many top brands in India from all over the world. Now Aadarsh will proudly represent FIDO DIDO in India and SAARC.

The character FIDO is now a member of the family due to the extensive market campaign in stores, on the street and TV commercials, wherever he goes across the globe. It became the graphic spokesperson for Amnesty International and UNICEF by providing international lifestyle brand appealing to both men and women.

Creative people are thrilled with FIDO DIDO available for ad campaigns. FIDO is recognized in more than 140 countries across the globe and has sold more than a staggering billion dollars worth of retail merchandise.

One of the most remarkable things about FIDO being he fits in everywhere whether he is a part of “Back to School” campaign in Saudi Arabia, in a Chinese branded Café, at a festival in India, or on a beach in America, he fits right in and in a very appealing way. All wish to have a cool friend like FIDO.

NK Krishnanand, head – licensing and publishing, Aadarsh Pvt Ltd, remarked, “In India FIDO DIDO is very popular as the character in 7 UP and PepsiCo International, but with our association and licensing, we will make FIDO DIDO attain new heights wherein people in India and SAARC shall know more about FIDO DIDO and the core offerings by them. FIDO DIDO is an icon which can represent anything and everything in a wonderful, attractive and appealing manner.”

“Licensing FIDO DIDO in India and SAARC is very exciting. We will now license their various offerings be it eyewear, footwear, apparels, luggage, appliances, etc. FIDO is a philosophy of life, self confidence, inner-wisdom, free spirit. FIDO is not against anybody,” he concluded.

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