Narendra Modi Creative Disruptor

- The Maker of New India


Author: R. Balashankar,
Publisher: Konark Publishers
(Pp270, ISBN 978-93-220-0845-1, Rs 650)

It is difficult to describe a man, who is rather unusual, and a tremendous personality, and who gave an impression of enormous strength and inner reserve of power and his career is one of success in moulding the Indian people making them feel better than they were, stronger, braver and more courageous. Narendra Modi is one such person. Some admire his qualities of humaneness, straight-forwardness and open mindedness, others found in him a tough guy, difficult to yield to pressures and entreaties, a hard task master, who gets his objectives achieved.

Narendra Modi Creative Disruptor- The Maker of New India by none other than R. Balashankar, a political analyst and academic, is just an essay on the period of Narendra Modi’s inhabitance on Indian political horizon. The book by the former editor of Organiser, is just an attempt to illustrate in very direct terms the greatest power shift that India witnessed under Narendra Modi’s leadership.

R. Balashankar, wonders whether Modi became the agent of change or he took advantage of changing India is debatable. But he believes when he quotes the London based The Guardian newspaper, in its editorial ‘India: another Tryst with Destiny’, said ‘Today, 18th may 2014 may well go down in history, as the day when Britain finally left India.

Narendra Modi Creative Disruptor- The Maker of New India is an honest attempt to portray how Narendra Modi endeavored to empower the poor. Once forgotten, they have started feeling that their voice is being heard.

The author has dealt with details the truth about the topics like Modicare, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the NPA mess, Rafale tale, and other development of infrastructure and many other initiatives taken by Modi government. The contribution of Amit Shah, Arun Jaitley, Nitin Gadkari and others has been appropriately presented.

Design has a tremendous impact on book’s appeal and marketability. Profusely illustrated, the book excels in cover and text design and makes the book attractive. The bibliography and the index at the end enhance the value of the book as a reference tool.

The book is an honest attempt to portray and unfold the

efforts made by Narendra Modi successfully with articulate skill and courage.

– G.S. Jolly

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