Sahitya Akademi books go online for wider reach

Over the years of its dynamic existence, India’s National Academy of Letters – Sahitya Akademi, has ceaselessly endeavored to promote good taste and healthy reading habits, to keep Indian literature flourishing. And now, to keep pace with new digital India, they have started online selling of books.

Dr K S Rao
Dr K S Rao

In an effort to increase the sale of books and widen the reach of its publications, Sahitya Akademi has started online sale of books. In this direction, the Akademi has registered itself as vendor with Amazon for sale of physical books through the popular portal and this is the first time that the Akademi is entering online sale of books, physical and electronic, in its 65 years of history.

Keeping up with the times

Explaining more about this new initiative, Dr. K. Sreenivasa Rao, Secretary, Sahitya Akademi shared that Akademi’s main objective is to promote literature and one has to change with changing times for betterment. “To begin with, ten English titles of Sahitya Akademi are up for sale at the Amazon portal since January 20, 2019. Our aim is to sell physical books via online portals and also launch sale of electronic books and this is part of our commitment to carry best of Indian literature in different languages to masses. We will soon start selling printed books through our website and also Amazon for a wider reach,” he added.

On asking about profitability factor, he said, “Representing a Government organization for promotion of literature, profitability is not the main criterion for us. We believe all books are best books. And there is no harm in selling books online, if it is increasing the readership. Ours is very specialized segment and we only deal with special literature, moreover our books are always underpriced. We don’t make any profits out of it. Our books are competitively priced as compared to other private publishers.”

Book mark

Akademi has first started with sale of printed books through Amazon. First up are 10 English titles. “By March 31, 2019, we plan to sell 100 English and 50 Tamil titles. Hindi will follow soon. Our target is to sell at least 750 Akademi publications in different languages,” he added.

On enquiring about the titles available, he explained, “Among the titles to be available initially, are popular books such as Parva: A Tale of War, Peace, Love, Death, God and Man by SL Bhyrappa, Bharata: The Natya Sastra by Kapila Vatsayan, Myths, Legends and Literary Antiquities by Manoj Das, History of Indian English Literature by MK Naik, A Most Truthful Picture and Other Stories by Ashokamitran, Tales of Tomorrow by Rana Nayar, and Indian Short Stories – 1990-2000 by EV Ramakrishnan.

Developing readers

He feels that our country’s youth is a biggest boon as well as bane to Indian literature. “I strongly feel unless, we start reading good literature from childhood, we cannot appreciate words in future also.” On a concluding note he shared, Akademi plans to increase annual number of book published to 1000 best books in a year. He also appealed to Indian youth to come forward and join hands with them for taking Indian literature to newer heights.

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