Now a book for people who cannot say ‘I love you’


Many people have difficulty telling other people that they love them or they just want a more special way of communicating that they love them.  I Never Told You That I Love by Maureen Lagana is one of Windsurf Publishing’s new books created to help people communicate love. Windsurf Publishing LLC is a new publishing company which offers books that hope to inspire, educate, and entertain people.

Maureen Lagana came up with this book alternative on love while meditating at the beach one day. She thought, how about all those people who never tell each other that they love them for one reason or another? Wouldn’t it be great to have a book that can help them say that to someone? So she got the idea to put photos and words together and made a book a gift of love. She uses thirty-seven elegant photographs opposite to simple loving phrases and sentences to communicate love.

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