Debut novel written fifty years ago gets published!


Tethys, an imprint of Yatra Books, has recently launched Whispering Waves, a very special debut novel by Sita Nanda, written fifty years ago and now published at the age of 88.

A powerful mix of nostalgia and sharp social insights, Whispering Waves brings alive the social milieu of upper middle class life in Bombay in the 60s.The indomitable and spirited Sita Nanda was a committed sportswoman in those days and led a busy social life. But through all this she worked passionately on her secret project of writing a heartfelt novel that tells the story of a young girl from Nainital, who encounters the exalted circles of Bombay’s art world through the maverick maestro, Mani Bannerji. The novel is an immersive experience, taking you back to the mores and manners of a society five decades past.

The most compelling feature of this unusual book is the courage shown by Sita Nanda in presenting this lost narrative at the age of 88. She is an inspiration to all first time writers and all those who keep their writing hidden away from the world. Sita Nanda says of her experience of seeing her book finally in print, “I can’t believe the book is finally in my hands!”

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