Author: Smriti Sekhar,
Publisher: Moonlight
Books, (Pp 206, ISBN: 978-8193683903, Rs 260)

In a time and place, when girls weren’t thought worthy of opinions, a certain girl develops a political one. This book is about a village girl named Gauri, who is fourteen years old and is ‘too rebellious for her own good’ and takes onto herself the mammoth task of finding the truth behind her sister’s disappearance.

In her journey to find her sister, reader travels with her to find each day reveal the mysteries of the village, bring out deepest fears and prodigious secrets. Very well written, the book gives a beautiful depiction of the village and the landscapes. It is like seeing and breathing nature on pages. The reader actually transports to the heights of the Uttarakhand region, only to explore it’s depths and picture the events unfold in the book to their utter disbelief.

– Varsha Verma

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