Invisible Walls


Author: Chandrika Balan,
Publisher: Thornbird,
An imprint of Niyogi Books
(Pp 128, ISBN 978-93-86906-32-8, Rs 250)

Invisible Walls is about two women, Aparna and Kamala, whose lives run in parallel, though they do not know each other. Kamala reads a book titled Invisible Walls, about Aparna’s life, on a train journey. While, Aparna is constrained in an arranged marriage, struggling against the confining limits of the invisible domestic walls, Kamala is part of what she and her friends call the Fourcentric Gang — two men and two women living together, practicing free sex. Their parallel lives move on, without touching each other.

Beautifully written, the book is translated from Malayalam. It shows life of two different women, leading two different lives, yet touching each other.

– Vasu V

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