Author: Dr Molishree,
Publisher: Marigold Publications, New Delhi
(Pp 310, ISBN 9788193732304, Rs 500)

Aritrika is a debut novel by Dr. Molishree, an Indian Economic service (IES) Officer. The novel is about love, which is unconditional, pure and innocent. It revolves around Aritrika, a small town girl, who starts caring and loving her classmate Malay at a tender age. After schooling, they go separate ways but Aritika’s love for Malay blossoms and becomes more assertive, fearless and stronger. But, Malay is not aware of her feelings until she confesses to him eighteen years later. But, fate has something else is store for her. Malay has moved on in life and there is no way he can come back now. Aritrika moves on in life but the innocent love she nurtured in her heart stays with her forever.

A very romantic tale, the book takes us back to our adolescence age when everything around us looked so rosy and beautiful. For those who believe in true love, would love to read this book.

– Varsha Verma

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