New title on Pakistan


Renowned journalist Praveen Swami flanked by the authors Francesca Marino and Baniamino Natale.Well-known expert on international strategic and security issues and diplomatic editor of the Daily Telegraph, London, Praveen Swami released Niyogi Books’ new title, Apocalypse Pakistan: An Anatomy Of ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Nation by Francesca Marino and Baniamino Natale at a simple but elegant function organised in New Delhi.

The book presents a multi-faceted history of contemporary Pakistan and offers a balanced view without taking sides or trying to offer solutions to govern the country. Its forward has been penned by Pakistani journalist, Ayesha Siddiqa. Commenting on the book, she says, “This book is most definitely an outcome of the authors who were drawn to it not just to see how stories unfold, but also take the time out to weave these tales and tell them in their own way.”

Apocalypse Pakistan tries to answer introspective questions, by analysing the political and cultural evolution of the Pakistani elite (generals, politicians, etc.) from Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to the present, on topics like the relationship with Afghanistan and China, terrorism and nuclear proliferation.

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