Meet Monica Malhotra Kandhari

Managing Director MBD group

Monica Malhotra Kandhari, a second-generation entrepreneur, is the Managing Director of MBD Group. She started working at the young age of 15 and today she manages the entire gamut of businesses of MBD Group of companies (publishing, printing, e-learning, skill development, teacher training and project construction and design). She has been instrumental in taking the group to new heights and under her leadership the Group today is known as one of the leading education companies in India.


Get to know me

Monica Malhotra Kandhari, MD, MBD group
Monica Malhotra Kandhari,
MD, MBD group

Who I am? Firstly, I am proud to be the daughter of the great visionary, Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra. I got hard work, dedication and sincerity in lineage. I am positively competitive person, where often people get jealous, I get motivated. I am always inclined to innovate newer products and business processes. Rarely get disheartened and hopeless and thus my team is utmost important to me.

What motivates me? The omni-presence of our founder, my dad Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra, and working for him motivates me. To see the spirit of MBD in my people when they behave or say they are proud to be an MBDian — this makes me secure that I have many hands to take ownership and this motivates me to venture into new verticals and growth of business.Also the thought of seeing the name of MBD Group in different parts of the world and always recognised for its quality and professionalism truly motivates me.

How I came into Publishing? It was simply ingrained in me since childhood to join Papa in his business. I was very impatient to do so because I wanted to learn it the practical way. That was the reason that I started young and joined the business at the age of 15 and a half!

A day in my life

How I start my day? I believe in personalized and customized daily routine to suit my every day schedule. Each day is uniquely planned in a manner that there’s a balance between professional and personal life. Of course family comes first but I do draw out priorities of work each day. Last thing at work is that I plan the next day which helps me strike a fair balance.

How I like to spend leisure time/ hours at home? I adore driving, listening to music and visiting scenic destinations. Moreover, I truly enjoy travelling and having coffee with my sister and friends. When I’m at home, I prefer to spend all my time with my kids playing, cuddling and chatting with them which is by far the most distressing.

My day ends at…With planning for the next day, prayers and making my kids sleep.

My stress buster? At work, it’s to innovate products and to see my team positively motivated and to be surrounded in positive company is refreshing. At home, to feel like a kid in company of my children…!

Life is to live

Favourite sport– Basketball. I was a district level player

Favourite books– Don’t find time to read much but the book Pulling Your Own Strings has impacted the most

Favourite movies– Comedy movies

Favourite actors– The list is quite long that includes Irfan Khan, Sanjeev Kumar, Shahid Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Ranvir Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Shabana Aazmi, Smita Patil, Tabu, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra

Favourite destination for Holidays– I like to explore the world by aimless driving.

Any Bucket list– MBD as Education Company has by far all the products, services and mediums possible for learning and teaching. Hence want to take MBD to various parts of the world with customised entry strategies, mapping gaps and challenges in requirements.

Work is passion

Business or political leader who motivates you: My father Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra is my role model and his vision and mission of life motivates me. And also believe that all people come from different walks of life and they all have something to provide you with in terms of learning, understanding and motivating

MBD-in one liner: Motivation. Belief. Determination are the pillars upon which the MBD Empire stands tall.

My people mantra: To keep the team positive and motivated, for you are as good as your team. I try to do my best to keep them motivated. I like to train my people and give them best opportunities in life which helps get their focus and hard work with dedication.

To be a leader is: To create leaders, be an example to your team for what you expect out of them, always carefully select and invest in people. Involve them in decision making such that they take ownership, a leader has to constantly work on keeping the team focused and motivated.

An exciting point in a typical day’s work: Though can’t be every day otherwise it’s repetitiveness will take away the excitement. Otherwise, when we step into new markets and get acceptance or when a new business venture gets recognised, that’s most exciting.

If you are born again what would you like to be? If born again… I will like to be what I am….

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