Creating Perfect Ambience!

Bookstores are spiritual experiences – it is a temple for book lovers. They get lost in the treasure trove of books. But, it is important to create a perfect ambience at a bookstore. Delhi Book Store is one such bookstore, which boasts of a customer-friendly environment.


There’s nothing more pleasurable than immersing in a good book. Book lovers love to visit well-equipped stores which offer them with a great environment and great service. And in this digital age, where online bookshops are giving a tough competition to brick-and-mortar bookshops, it is very important for a bookshop to look at ways to attract customers. Delhi Book Store (DBS) is one such bookstore, which is very progressive. “It is not only because of digital pressure, right from the very beginning of our journey, we are always alert to maintain a friendly relationship with all our customers—be it big or small. Our customers feel proud to step on our book store—as if they are in their own reading room or library. The gleeful ambience of our book store is favorable to all customers in all weathers,” tells Vijay Ahuja of Delhi Book Store.

Right venue

The location of the bookstore is very important. It should be an area frequented by people looking for books. For example, Delhi Book Store is strategically located in the busy locales of Daryaganj in Delhi, which is the major hub for publishing.

Creating the right ambience

Who wants to look at a bookstore which is crowded with books, with little space to move around? Unless one knows what one is looking for, one needs time to explore the books. Thus, it is very important to give them the right environment.

Delhi Book Store is spread over 25,000 square feet of working area and equal storage capacity and over 2,00,000 titles on display. This sprawling showroom has cozy and comfortable furniture along with perfect lighting to enhance the book reader’s experience while he’s at the store. Different sections of the store have different genre of the books.

Deploying well-informed staff

Service is very important for any business. Well informed staff can help customer find the right book or even recommend a few other books. “All our staff members are highly experienced in this industry and well-trained to meet the demand of the customers. All our staff work cordially in a chain system. If a staff cannot find a book of customers’ choice, he assists and guides the customer to the appropriate section so that he faces no problem. Hardly there is any subject that a customer cannot get in our store because DBS possesses an immense passion for every title of every field,” he adds.

Go an extra mile

“DBS has a mission to satisfy all its customers by extending appropriate service in the most advanced way. The moment a customer enters our store, our staff attends him/her immediately, understands his/her need and cordially helps in fulfilling the requirement. New or old, no customer is ignored or disregarded in any way,” tells Ahuja.

Ensuring customer loyalty

With so many discounts being offered online and offline, bookstores are now offering incentives like rebate cards and vouchers to their customers. “We offer the intended books in unexpected concession,” tells Ahuja.

“From time to time, we come out with interesting and attractive schemes for both new and existing customers,” tells Ahuja.

Inventory management

“Technology plays a big role in buying and selling books and managing our bookstore’s inventory. We are well equipped with most advanced software and skillful staffs. Everyday thousands of books are going out and coming in. Our sincere and well-trained staff are always alert to fit and fill the spaces designated for each section as well as save them digitally,” tells Ahuja.

Enjoying book with tea/coffee

“We always offer a cup of tea or coffee to our customers. We have enough space within our store, where customers can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while flipping the pages of a book. Not only that, we even provide lunch or breakfast to the customers coming from far off places. We take every care to strengthen our fraternal and friendly relationship,” tells Ahuja.

Be tech-savvy, be online…

In this digital age, being online is very important. DBS has a well-maintained website, which is user friendly.

On a concluding note…



“A customer usually considers two basic things—first, the availability of the required books and the way we are dealing. In these respects DBS offers incredible services. DBS is immensely enriched with every title of every stream and it has a mission to keep its customers contented by extending appropriate service in the most advanced way tirelessly,” concludes Vijay.

–Varsha Verma

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