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I am an author of two books – Tearless Eyes Fearless Heads (MacMillan, 2003) and Those Powerful Moustaches, Jhumkas and Poor Me (Gully Baba Publishers, 2013).Sadly, none of my books reached the book stores. Even though I visited the bookstores myself, they refused to accept them and said that they accept books only from the publishers or distributors. On approaching them, I got to learn that only the books high in demand are sent to the book stores. I was further told that distributors charge handsome amounts and return the stock in a miserable shape!

Macmillan was a great support as far as keeping my book on the net was concerned and bringing out a second edition of great standard. Even though my publisher launched my book at an event and free copies were given to various newspapers, who also reviewed the book, still, my book was not available at bookstores.

I stand indebted to my publishers, but all I have to say is that publishing industry has to come up with a strategy of providing a shelf to each and every author. The gap between the writers, publishers, distributors and book stores needs to be bridged. The industry should realise how tough is it to write a book, and what dreams are attached to writing for years and facing the plight of no visibility.

–Shakti Dwesar Sharma, Independent
Counsellor for Social Reforms

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