Niyogi Books releases Ocean of Melancholy


Ocean of Melancholy, better known as the translation of Bishad Sindhu, an epic historical novel by Mir Mosharraf Hossain, translated by Alo Shome, was recently published and launched by Niyogi Books. Satish Jacob, Prof Jayanti Chattopadhyay and Prof Gauhar Raza were the three eminent speakers on the dias who launched the book.

The book, which is an epic fiction, imparts a historical background to the bloodbath and killings that took place in Karbala, Iraq. The novel provides us with insights into different characters, the pains and anguish of human life, jealousy and hatred of humans, and, at the same time, provides a historical background to the clash that ensued over a throne.

As quoted by Alo Shome, the translator of the book, “I had already translated several of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s essays, most of which were, by default, on Hinduism. However, I am not a religious person myself, but am only objectively curious about religion as it is a part of human culture. Thankfully, Bishad Sindhu gave me an opportunity to gain much knowledge about Islam. Through its translation I could express my respect and love for another faith other than the one I inherited.”

Trisha de Niyogi, the publisher, Niyogi Books, says, “Ocean of Melancholy is a work of historical fiction, where, though the facts have never been distorted, yet multiple imaginary characters and hypothetical situations have been brought in to not only to enhance the interests of the reader, but also to give us a geo-political picture of the time.”

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