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1,026 offers an ocean of educational content across all subject matter at its eBookstore, and much thought has gone into the design to give users an enhanced user-friendly experience. What’s more? It opens up a new revenue stream for publishers who can re-purpose their content for e-learning. The advent of the educational eBook study trend has certainly opened up a whole new way students learn and absorb information and knowledge through the Internet in virtual forms. The trend has been further simplified and expanded by the steady emergence of improved electronic devices and platforms to support the resources being made available online to the student population. Accessing and storing electronic resources in the eBook form has indeed become child’s play with eBookstores and eLibraries evolving to meet the trend. (SeB), as one of the leading eBookstore in the country, has conducted extensive and detailed research to get a hands-on feel for the need of the hour with regard to the grand evolution that is taking place in the education field. Besides ensuring that every study need or requirement of students, teaching staff and students pursuing professional courses are met on a single platform, SeB goes the extra mile to enhance the eBookstore experience.

The site offers users a hassle-free and fluid navigational experience to locate, sample and store content in an eLibrary. This option allows for easy storage, and users can then access the content from anywhere at any time. The ePub content format functions on most platforms and Internet-enabled devices, and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. All ePub content can be read after downloading appropriate apps available on the site.

The site ensures that all streams of educational requirements are met diligently, and its audio/video learning material comes in the best quality. Medical students can access videos to better understand how certain medical procedures are conducted by doctors around the world. Other subjects also have options for AV. Besides study material, the site also offers project and examination related content and material for school and college students.

SeB is currently a ‘digital home’ to material required for all subjects and courses for schools, colleges and specialty institutions. SeB site users can highlight important points, write notes, add bookmarks and search for relevant words while reading content online as well as offline. This facility ensures that users enjoy a personalized reading experience.

Besides simplifying the way students get an education, SeB also provides publishers worldwide the opportunity to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace. Publishers now realize that they have new ways to serve customers by re-purposing content, and that this is the doorway to endless possibilities in this realm. participated in the Delhi Book Fair 2013 held at Pragati Maidan, Delhi, during August 23 – 31. The response was overwhelmingly-positive with publishers, students and faculty members of educational institutes making a beeline for the SeB stall.

Oxford Educate wins IDA Award 2013

Oxford University Press’ (OUP) new digital aid, Oxford Educate, has won the IDA Award 2013 in the category ‘Digital Content and Software in Education.’ Oxford Educate is an exciting digital aid that integrates an e-book with interactive teaching tools and learning materials. It incorporates a variety of resources: interactive animations, videos, poem and prose animations and audios for ELT courses, instructional slide shows, lesson plans, answer keys, additional worksheets, image references and much more.

Ranjan Kaul, managing director of OUP India, said, “It is overwhelming to learn that Oxford Educate has won the IDA Award 2013 for ‘Digital Content and Software in Education.’ Providing teachers with a breadth of high quality materials and support is central to our educational work at Oxford University Press. Oxford Educate is an exciting digital teaching aid integrating interactive e-books which include animations, audio and video clips, slideshows and other multimedia content for all key Oxford University Press school courses. As a department of the University of Oxford, we create world-class resources and make them available as widely as possible in pursuit of the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship and education.”

The IDA Awards recognize and reward products and services that demonstrate excellence in innovation, implementation, impact, sustainability and scalability in the field of education & training.

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