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Srikrishna the lord of the universe

Author: Shivaji Sawant
Publisher: Mehta Publishing House
(Pp 1066, ISBN
978-93-86888-73-0, Rs 995)

Srikrishna! A monumental epoch-maker that has reigned the hearts of Indian men and women, young and old alike for more than five thousand years! Today, Srikrishna is far removed from reality. Is it possible then to perceive Srikrishna’s life de facto without deviating from the facts of his existence? Did he only preach what he expounded in the Gita? Or did he actually practice it in his own life? If the imaginary layers enshrouding his life story are peeled off delicately with careful reasoning it is possible to view his epoch-making, versatile character as is.

Yugandhar! Another masterpiece from the renowned author of Mrityunjaya; penned after rigorous travelling across India, years of meticulous research and contemplation, and interviewing many scholars.

PMP Study Guide

Author: J Ross
Publisher: BPB Publications
(Pp 486, ISBN9789387284562, Rs 549)

This proven best-selling Study Guide, used in conjunction with PMI’s PMBOK Guide-Sixth Edition (2017), presents all the fundamental knowledge, concepts, exercises and practice exam questions a project manager needs to prepare for and successfully pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam on the first try, while cutting study time in half. It covers all subjects addressed on the PMP Exam, including comprehensive performance domain and cross-cutting knowledge and skills defined within the PMI PMP Examination Content Outline and the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

It also provides free online access to over 1500 practice questions, including hundreds of situational questions, enabling users to perform practice tests by Knowledge Areas and/or simulate actual 200 question exams and receive feedback on incorrect answers.

Human Rights in India discourses and contestations

Author: KS Pavithran
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House
(Pp 177, ISBN
978-81-212-1434-6, Rs 625)

Human Rights have been the focus of study since ancient times and especially since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHAR) by the United Nations. The book is an edited volume which provides scholarly articles on human rights issues. Besides theoretical debates, the essays in this volume gives a critical understanding relating to various issues in human rights related to development, environment, climate change, water, social media and cyber world. It covers a range of contentious debates and explores the changing context of human rights and a rich analysis of the politics of today’s human rights issues in India.

Gender Discrimination and Inequality in Contemporary India

Author: Jaya Shrivastava
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pp 377, ISBN
978-93-86397-27-0, Rs 1,325)

Gender discrimination and inequality has been a feature of the Indian society since ages. The volume presents a multidimensional analysis of the problem of gender discrimination and inequalities in contemporary India. It attempts to provide a largely holistic, though not exhaustive, picture of gender discrimination and inequality in contemporary India.

you cannot have all the answers and other stories…

Author: Deepa Agarwal
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 186, ISBN
978-93-86906-37-3, Rs 350)

You can not have All the Answers, a collection of fifteen short stories, offers a glimpse into the conflicting emotions that define the human condtion, and portrays characters who attempt to seek answers to a variety of existential questions. Including The Asian Age short-story competition winner, Cradle Song, these narratives deal with issues like trauma, secuality, prejudice, family relations, and the recklessness of youth.

Not easy being sonia and other stories

Author: Saroj Kulshreshtha
Publisher: GenNext Publications
(Pp 82, ISBN
978-93-8022-338-4 Rs 150)

Written in siple language, this collection of eleven short stories is about people fro different walks of life It offers a fresh perspective of social and personal issues and enables us to understand that while two situations may be similar, they may evoke very different reactions and their handling will depend on the mental makeup of the people concerned and their aspirations. What enables people to sail through seemingly insurmountable calamities is their inner strength and family support. Circumstances can throw people into throes of depression and only the valiant will survive. These stories are about such unsung heroes.

Living Dreams Exhilarating Journey, Destination Unknown

Author: Dan Mayur
Publisher: Mehta Publishing House
(Pp 380, ISBN
978-93-86342-13-3, Rs 495)

In this entertaining and informative memoir Dan traces a fascinating life story from his humble beginnings in rural India to his ascent into corporate leadership in America. This is a book about the struggles of a young man in the pursuit of excellence in life with all its glorious unpredictability of setbacks and victories. Dan proposes that Learning, Laughing and Loving are necessary and sufficient for happy living and he brings out his wealth of “Lessons of a Lifetime” in his trademark lucid language creating vivid imagery in the reader’s mind.

Karmayogini life of ahilyabai holkar

Author: Vijaya Jahagirdar
Publisher: Mehta Publishing House
(Pp 226, ISBN
978-93-86342-56-0, Rs 350)

Karmayogini traces the extraordinary journey of Ahilyabai Holkar. Born around 1725, in the tranquil village of Chaundi, her life gets set to change when Malharrao Holkar and Bajirao Peshwa, are impressed by her courage even as a little girl, who was barely eight yeasrs old.

A lady, well ahead of her times… a benevolent leader… a visionary who brought unprecedented growth in commerce and trade in times of peace and etched unparalleled stories of grif in times of war… despite a life fraught with innumerable personal tragedies…

The Bourbons and Begums of Bhopal

The forgotten history
Author: Indira Iyengar
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 234, ISBN
978-93-86906-38-0, Rs 850)

Magdaline Bourbon was a descendant of Jean Philippe de Bourbon, who arrived in India in the 1560s and was appointed a senior official by the Mughal Emperor Akbar, at his court in Delhi.

The Bourbons’ bravery, administrative acumen and sound advice helped in the development of Bhopal, where their deeds are still remembered. In this historical account with a personal flavour, Indira Iyengar, the daughter of Magdaline Bourbon, records her mother’s memories, traces the fascinating history of the Bourbons of Bhopal and reminds us of life in a romantic and swashbuckling time.

Vishwas Patil Mahanayak

Author: Keerti Ramachandra
Publisher: Mehta Publishing House
(Pp 772, ISBN
978-93-86454-89-8, Rs 695)

Vishwas Patil takes readers to accompany the soldiers of the Indian National Army and the Imperial Japanese Army through their advances across Myanmar (then Burma), Imphal and Kohima; and to witness the grim battles and the unparalleled sacrifices that the patriots made at the altar of freedom.


Author: Adhikarla S Rao
Publisher: GenNext Publication
(Pp 154, ISBN
978-93-8022-330-8, Rs 540)

India is highly populated and diverse and has numerous problems and attitudes. Present book helps people from wide variety of backgrounds to improve their wisdom by reflecting on the contents and actively participate in the process of nation’s building. Author did his bit towards the above endeavour in his three books Viz; Thoughts on Higher Education; An Introduction of the Regulation of Primary Metabolic Pathways and A Brief Introduction to Holy Quraaan…”.

Loving u was my addiction… but missing u…

Author: Sandip Gyanaprakash
Publisher: GenNext Publications
(Pp 167, ISBN
978-93-8022-336-0, Rs 250)

The narrator decides to take an escape for a short period from all the hustle and bustle of life. After the twelfth boards, he packs up with his group of cronies to head forward to the paradise of India, the heavenly kingdom, KASHMIR.

Reaching Jammu railway station, his eyes glued on a beautiful creation of God, a Rajasthani girl. Coincidence takes them to the same hotel in Kashmir. He strikes a friendship with her that turns into intense love. The nature and the situations did not fail to play their role as catalysts. The trip did end but their souls merged into one. However, destiny had its own way of making the moves, taking the narrator’s life into desolation…

Factivity Journey Around and Inside Your Amazing Body

Publisher: Parragon Publishing
(Pp 128, 9781474862677)

Journey Around and Inside Your Amazing Body lets you learn about cells, navigate through a map of the human body, and explore under your skin! In this book there are activities, puzzles, mazes and more to help stimulate the brain and make learning fun! Take a journey inside your body in this awesome Factivity book.

Textile under neoliberalism in India

Author: Manjur Ali
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
(Pp 301, ISBN
978-93-86397-57-7, Rs 1050)

This book reflects upon the impact of international agencies and their policies on textile in the develping countries like India. Book focuses on the impact on Handloom industry in the state of Uttar Pradesh. While doing that, a comparative analysis has been done with power loom production, cotton and silk yarn based handloom. This research, first of its kind, delves upon the cottage industry in which muslims are employed in large number.

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