Suryanamaskar: Sun Salutations


Author: Krzysztof Stec
Publisher: Motilal Banarisidass Publishers Pvt Ltd, Delhi
(Pp 344, ISBN 978-81-208-4092-8, Rs 450)

Our body is essential for every achievement, said an ancient seer. That body should not be diseased but rather strong and healthy, with perfect harmony between the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. One’s natural state should include an all-encompassing feeling of unusual lightness, a fullness of health, and an experience of overall contentment. Bliss and perfection, overflowing vitality and energy, are the human birthright. Who would not like to be strong, beautiful and healthy? Yet such characteristics do not manifest themselves merely by desire, nor are they commodities that can be purchased on world markets.

While Indian medicine provides many effective remedies for illness, it acknowledges that prevention is much more effective than cure. One of the best prophylactic measures against disease is regular physical exercise. The book shows centuries-old system of Yoga with its distinct practice of Suryanamaskar remains the perfect all-inclusive health practice, even in today’s busy world.

The book has visuals with each asana for easy understanding and has many useful information like mantras, benefits of asanas, glossary and bibliography.
– Vasu V

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