Why Book fairs are still important?


Book fairs play a vital role in publishing. Both professional and consumer book fairs are important for the book industry. They bring together publishers, agents, distributors, retailers and book lovers together on a single platform.Media shifts its attention to book industry when the book fairs are on. Authors get a chance to meet their fans and foster stronger relationships with people and publishers.

But, in this digital age, where virtual presence is everywhere, are book fairs still important? Most of the book fair across the world are shrinking in size but they are still flourishing, if not in terms of size, then in terms of the quality of visitors to the fair and the business deals sealed at the venue. There is exchange of rights; few book fairs have designated rights centre at the fair. New books are signed between authors and publishers.

What’s more? In the age where each book is battling for screen space, book fairs give a chance to publishers to showcase their frontlist as well as generate interest about their backlist. Readers can browse through books and buy books of their choice, which they might not pick up online.

Besides, book fairs are now educational and cultural events. There are seminars, panel discussions, presentations, author meet-ups, etc to keep the exhibitors and visitors engaged and to spread knowledge. Then, there are also various cultural activities at the book fairs, which is another attraction for the visitors.

Book fairs also help in inculcating reading habit among people of all age groups. Many schools bring their students to book fair, which helps in creating interest among children to pick up books of their choice. Ofcourse, there are bargain sales to look out for. But, genuine book lovers can find books of their choice at such events. It is actually a paradise for book lovers.

Most importantly, the industry converges together and there are ample opportunities to network and benefit from each other.

There are a host of book fairs lined up across the year. Bask in the free flow of knowledge at the upcoming Delhi Book Fair in New Delhi and Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany. Book fairs, were, and will always be an integral part of publishing industry.

Happy publishing!

Sonal Khurana

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