Value Management


Author: Prof OP Sharma
Publisher: University Book House, Delhi
(Pp 266, ISBN 978-81-922809-09, Rs 175)

This book talks about the value system which is followed in organisations. The author methodically analyses the erosion of values in organisational practices which in turn result in poor performance and profitability that can be in terms of surplus of income over expenditure and depressing low level of self-actualisation amongst the working professionals/staffs. The author also uses realistic as well as holistic approaches which he has come across in life to bring easy understanding of the subjects or topics of discussions to readers.

Value Management is perhaps first-of-its-kind book which takes holistic approaches such as message of Bhagbad Gita, Lord Rama’s advice to Bharata to corporate strategies. Select case studies compiled in this book help readers understand the practical examples which emphasise applications a clearer image than just theories.

– Jyaneswar Laishram

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