Aziz’s Notebook at the Heart of the Iranian Revolution


Author: Chowra Makaremi Translated by: Renuka George Publisher: Yoda Press, New Delhi (Pp 149, ISBN 978-93-82579-02-1, Rs 250)

Written by pious and non-political man and a desperate father, the notebook sheds new light on the events leasing from the Iranian Revolution to the Islamic Republic, through a vivid account under a regime of terror, the plight of women in prison, and the prison massacres of 1998. This notebook was found by Aziz’s granddaughter Chowra after his death.

In the book, Aziz has recounted the life of his daughters, who despite supporting the Iranian revolution, were arrested after the Shah was deposed and Khomeini became supreme leader, and were ultimately executed in prison.

Reader can actually feel the pain and agony Aziz must have undergone during that time, struggling to make his ends meet, besides going through the pain of his daughters in jail. A grim yet riveting book that questions the history.

– Varsha

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