Padmashree (Dr) Ravindra Rajhans’ unique poetical work on the plight of marginalized street children


Sunrise In Slums is the latest book of a noted Indian writer, Padmashree (Dr) Ravindra Rajhans, which gives a rare glimpse into the plight, miseries and hopelessness of uncared street children of the Third World countries through his collection of poems. These poems are not just poems for the sake of reading rather these poems have the potential to shake and jolt the mind of sensitive readers and sensitize them towards their social responsibilities for the marginalized children. Using his gift of language, Dr Rajhans not only articulates the fears and struggles of marginalized children, through his powerful words, he sends a wake-up call to the readers to take steps in the journey towards social change for the betterment of marginalized children, who otherwise live in state of despair by curse of fate.

It’s an irony that there is a huge gap between haves and have-nots in the societies of the least developed countries.

The poems of Dr Rajhans try to bridge the gap between rich and poor people by raising consciousness of privileged people and motivating them to help the underprivileged children living in the same society. These poems touch the heart, mind and soul of sensitive readers, who can also feel the pain and helplessness of such underprivileged children longing for helping hand to lead life as a normal child, which is a dream for them. This book is unique as it has poems in both Hindi and English language together, to reach the larger audience.

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