Mirza Ghalib: 100 Famous Ghazals


(Translated from the Urdu)
Author: Dr Sarvat Rahman
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
(Pp 336, ISBN 978-8170175278, Rs 390)

Mirza Ghalib: 100 Famous GhazalsThe question was once asked, “What did the Mughal dynasty which ruled over India for so long leave behind?” The answer was, “The Taj Mahal, the Urdu language and the Diwan-e-Ghalib.” Of all the poets writing in Urdu, Mirza Ghalib (1797-1869) may be said to be the most famous and the greatest of all Urdu poets alongwith Mir.

Ghalib’s ghazals are unforgettable and his poems are read, recited and remembered. This book is a collection of 100 famous ghazals selected from the complete translation of the Diwan-e-Ghalib published in 2003 by the Ghalib Institute, New Delhi. All the ghazals are given in Urdu, followed by its translation in English. The same ghazal is also written in both English and Hindi languages.

By her translations, the author Dr Sarvat Rahman wishes to make known the humanistic and liberal ideas inspired by Sufism, in particular, which were and are the heritage which we received from the great poets of the Urdu language. It’s indeed a collectors’ edition!

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