The Tenth Unknown


Author: Jvalant Nalin Sampat
Publisher: Niyogi Books
(Pp 288, ISBN 978-81-89738-97-6, Rs 295)

The Tenth UnknownThis book is a mix of myth, fact and fiction – starting in Emperor Ashoka’s court in Rajagriha, Magadha in 232 BC and ending with India’s independence in 1947, this action-packed thriller, set primarily against the backdrop of World War II, is a high-octane and heady cocktail.

The story revolves around the nine books containing forbidden knowledge leading to unlimited power and wealth, which have been protected for centuries by a secret society – the nine Unknown Men of Emperor Ashoka. The clue about the locations of the book is hidden in the ruins of the world’s most ancient university in Nalanda. One of the books has been acquired by the Third Reich under Adolf Hitler. Now, these books need to be protected and Prithvi Rathore, an anglicized aspiring cricketer is set to acquire all these books. The plot is interesting and takes readers to the long-forgotten part of Indian history and legends as the Germans, British and Indians race to secure the book. A high-paced novel, which keeps the readers’ attention till the end! – Vasu V

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