The Emperor’s Writings


Author: Dirk Collier
Publisher: Amaryllis
(Pp 609, ISBN: 978-81-910673-6-1, Rs 695)

The Emperor’s Writings Great Mughal emperor Akbar is believed to be illiterate – that he could not read more than a few simple words here and there and that he could barely sign his own name. But, undoubtedly, he was a learned man with wealth of knowledge in his mind – the knowledge he had gained from thousands of books that had been read to him.

The book ‘The Emperor’s Writings’ narrates the true story of Akbar’s life and times, his swift and spectacular rise to absolute power, often against overwhelming odds, and his remarkably modern vision of a prosperous, diverse and tolerant Hindustan, against the backdrop of his eventful personal life, his relationship with his favourite wife and tragic conflict with Salim (Jahangir), his only surviving son and bitter rival.

It is not just a historical novel – it offers a unique historical perspective on the heart and soul of the Indian sub-continent. Brilliantly written, the books takes us down the memory lane – towards the days of the Mughal reign in India and gives us a glimpse of the life of Akbar the Great, the most powerful and wealthiest monarch of his time.

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