What’s good for children?


Reading is to mind what exercise is to body. No entertainment is so inexpensive as reading or any pleasure so lasting. It gives our souls a chance to luxuriate. Any time is reading time – no use of any equipment, any appointment of time or place is necessary, laments GS Jolly.

Television is a daily presence in the lives of most young children, and so are video games on consoles and computers are also widely used by children. But how does exposure to television, computers, electronic games and other such media affect children’s reading habit is a matter of great concern, particularly in a country which is still striving to achieve higher literacy rate.

Besides, the Internet has completely changed the pace with which one used to read. Children now want to read things faster and easier in a video format. With the availability of the electronic media, it seems the entire world is changing their reading habits. Book sales are down, and internet viewing is up.

Adverse effects of television and electronic games…

Television and electronic games can have a negative effect on children’s physical and emotional health, social development, academic skills and behavior. Below are some such suspected effects of electronic media on children:

  • Aggressive cognitions, attitudes, and behaviors
  • Displaced social interaction
  • Inferior academic skills
  • Attention problems
  • Denigration of language

Benefits of video games and the internet…

The internet can also have a positive effect on reading as it has something of interest for everyone. It provides the facility to acquire knowledge and get entertained without leaving the comfort of home.

Contrary to what some may fear that the internet is killing children’s reading bug, but it is actually encouraging them to read. Children now a days use the Web to check out author’s sites, book reviews and other online literary tools. Thus activities of the internet encourages reading.

Reading in digital era…

Television, internet and video games have become synonymous with children’s entertainment activities. The internet is good for getting kids involved in reading as many kids can’t be pushed to sit down with a book.

What educators lament…

We hardy find students using the library or getting books issued. Though both government as well as the private schools have a wonderful stock of books, but we hardly see students utilizing the same. It is not that the use of the internet should be stopped; rather the students need to be educated on the importance of books. The concept of zero periods (Library period) should be universally adopted in all the schools.

Books are life…

Books will never disappear, as some fear. It is impossible for it to happen. Of all the mankind’s diverse tools undoubtedly, the most astonishing are books. If books were to disappear, history would disappear, so would men, because if books are not life than what is?

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