A look at AllArts…


Another similar book shop in Hauz Khas is AllArts a well maintained and planned book shop with all books properly bound, laminated, and organised in respective shelves. Maps and posters too are framed in a decent way. Thus, it made an overall good impression, as there’s no torn or tattered piece of paper around.

Complementing Deepak Jain, owner, AllArts, I asked him to share his views and he added, “My father started this shop in the year 1963 and he is still in book business. We started our business from Darya Ganj. And the going has been good.”

There’s a huge collection of old movie posters and even hand painted posters, besides a whole world of books. So what’s the most prized possession of all? “All these we have collected over the years, so my shop is very special to me. But the Vintage Advertisements collection is really a wonderful thing,” replied Deepak. “I enjoy my job very much and it is quite satisfying at the same time,” he concluded.

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