A book on Akbar the Great released!


Amaryllis, an English fiction and non-fiction imprint, recently released its latest fiction, titled The Emperor’s Writings written by Dirk Collier. The book was released by Rahul Pandita, a journalist and author, who gave an interesting preview of the book.

The book offers ample food for thought on fundamental issues that preoccupy the world: love and duty, power and justice, and fundamentalism against diversity and tolerance. Admirably researched and written in magnificently evocative, compelling prose, it narrates the true story of Akbar’s life and times, his swift and spectacular rise to absolute power, often against overwhelming odds and his remarkably modern vision of prosperous, diverse and tolerant Hindustan, against the backdrop of his eventful personal life, his relationship with his favourite wife, and tragic conflict with Salim (Jahangir), his only surviving son and bitter rival.

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