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In today’s scenario, the impact of social media on book sales cannot be undermined. The Bookish Elf offers genuine marketing strategies on every possible social media platforms which helps to showcase the books, sample chapters, author interviews, fliers, poster, banner etc. Here, Mitul of The Bookish Elf shares more about this new trend.


AABP: How important is social media in book industry?

Mitul: In the current trends, the importance of Social media strategies is increasing in Search engine optimization. Today, it’s very hard to find success in digital marketing without social media. SEO for building a concrete and winning internet marketing foundation stands on 3 main pillars and they are content, links and social media. Social medias are very useful to acquire targeted audience and high ranking on Google. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook are very helpful social media channels to promote your books and authors.

AABP: How can publishers benefit from social media?

Mitul: As Elizabeth ”Beth” Comstock said once, “You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything,” book sales depend upon how much popular it is among the reading community. Social medias can be used creatively to advertise and promote books and make followers aware of the authors and their latest work. Advertisements

strategically placed within informative posts are an effective way to spread the word about your books. Social media spreads awareness about your publishing house while giving you the chance to constantly remind them about the books you’ve published and authors you’ve worked with. Social media does not require a huge amount of budget, which makes it fair for small publishers that are competing with well known publishers.

AABP: Does social media increase passion for reading?

Mitul: Social media cannot increase passion for reading or anything. But Social media can help you to connect or build the community sharing the same passion, where everyone is interested in one common thing, subject, or topic. We have built a social media community where every member is only interested in books and reading and where we only publish contents related to books, reading and writing.

AABP: How can authors leverage this tool along side their publishers?

Mitul: If author has a website or a blog, they should use it to promote their book to generate leads and drive traffic by showcasing their book on the home page. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Goodreads can help author to interact with readers or possible buyers of their books. Authors should make regular updates on their social media channels and provide useful content to followers and readers. Book marketing and promotions can be intimidating for many self-published authors. But if it’s your goal to reach readers other than friends and family, then they must self-promote their books. Just like learning to write well and honing your craft, self-marketing also takes time and preparation. We, The Bookish Elf, are here to help you with marketing, promotion and make your book famous among the reading community.

AABP: Tell us something about The Bookish Elf?

Mitul: The Bookish Elf is all about the passion for books and reading, knowledge and perception. It began with an inner desire of sharing and discussing with people what I’ve read but I was surrounded by “Muggles” (non-reading people). So I started looking for bookworms on social media and this is how our Ins

tagram page was born. Then we began a WhatsApp group with selected bookworms and then came the Blog, The Bookish Elf. Now we have more than 30000 followers on our Instagram pages only, and we also have our presence on all Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+.

AABP: What does The Bookish Elf offers?

Mitul: We offer genuine marketing strategies on every possible social media platforms which helps to showcase the books, sample chapters, author interviews, fliers, poster, banner etc. We offer marketing with book reviews, author interviews, blogs, graphic or book cover sharing, video trailers, Social media campaigning via contest, events, quiz, and giveaways. We have worked with so many authors to promote their novels, and other fictional and non-fictional books. We are providing effective book marketing services at affordable price.

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