Vijay Ahuja of DBS honoured at India News Health Awards 2018


India News, known for its direct and unbiased brand of journalism, hosted the second edition of India News Health Awards 2018 at The Ashok, New Delhi on April 10, 2018 to honour the exceptional contributions of visionaries and innovators in the healthcare delivery spectrum as they continue to touch lives, create sustainable health solutions and lead teams that drive winning healthcare strategies.

Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda, Hon’ble Minister of Health and Family Welfare (India), was the Chief Guest, which was attended by some of the top medical practitioners in the country, political decision makers, bureaucrats, media professionals, corporates and esteemed members of the civil society.

India News Health Awards 2018 brought the spotlight on high-calibre individuals dedicated to improving the delivery of safe, patient-centred and quality health services. The awards recognise leadership and innovation across categories. Vijay Ahuja of Delhi Book Store (DBS) was awarded for being a Pioneer in Medical Books.

DBS: a pioneer in medical books

In the book publishing industry, Delhi Book Store is a preeminent and prominent icon for the last seven decades. In the academic world, there will hardly be anyone who has not heard their name. Delhi Book Store, occupying all the floors of a five-storied building in Delhi’s Daryaganj area, is the place where an individual or a bookseller can fulfill his want of books of any genre.

One of the most important factors that helped DBS to achieve this height is the collection of the huge quantity of books of all academic fields from around the world, especially medical books. This is why medical professionals or doctors always recall them for any need. Kudos to Delhi Book Store for being a pioneer in medical books!

Exclusive distributorship…

DBS is the exclusive distributor of many reputed international publishers like Arcler Press, Delve Publishing, Auris Reference, Koros Press, Magnum Publishing, Intelliz Press, 3G E-learning, Callisto Reference, Clanrye International, NY Research Press, Hayle Medical, Foster, Larsen & Keller, Syrawood Publishing, Willford press and ED- Tech Press.

“We are planning to bring 1500 new tiles by 2019 and we will also introduce few more publishers,” shares Vijay.

DBS Imprints…

Another feather in their cap is DBS IMPRINTS, an exclusive publishing house, which has already published a large number of leading-edge excellent books encompassing higher arenas of various subjects. From advanced technology to ancient sciences, DBS IMPRINT is committed to publishing a range of superior academic content from today’s leading specialists and experts.

Delhi Book Store is a legacy and they will continue to achieve many more milestones in coming future!

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