Indian publishing recognised worldwide


India has a rich and fascinating publishing history and it is making significant strides in the global industry. The IPA Congress held in February this year is a testimony to this fact. More recently, Ashoke Ghosh from PHI Learning (India) and Daisy Forum of India were honoured at the LBF International Excellence Awards.

Pegasus For Kids recently won International Book Award 2018, and it is heartening to share that four more of their titles bagged a place as finalists. Bestselling author Chetan Bhagat has signed a six-book deal with Amazon Publishing, which will distribute his books across print, e-book and audio formats.

Translations are getting their recognition like never before. The new JCB Prize for Literature has a separate category for translated works. Translations have become an important part of booklists for publishers. Few publishers like Ratna Sagar has an imprint dedicated only to translations. Indian writings in regional languages will definitely get a boost and map them on an international scale.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more motivating news trending across the industry. New publishers are coming in while traditional ones are branching out into newer imprints. All this is because the industry is growing and there are still many untrodden paths and pastures.

The quest for knowledge, though it is now very much dominated by Google, still calls for books. It is because there is so much wrong information floating on the net that people now resort to traditional ways of knowledge-seeking, which is books, because books are supposed to be well-researched and authentic source of information. So, let’s continue our efforts in the noble profession of publishing.

Happy reading!

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