Touching Distance: The Great Indian MBA Dream


Author: Shiva Prakash
Publisher: Amaryllis
(Pp 258, ISBN 978-81-910673-3-0, Rs 195)

The book peeks in the life of millions of Indians who think gaining the MBA degree would change their life forever. Their ambition to do something in life land them in a swanky MBA degree college, the curriculum and the culture puts them in awe. But, does the life really change after the MBA degree? Seen through the eyes of a witty, idealistic and ultimately fatalistic south Indian protagonist, the story evokes humour and captures our dilemmas. The story revolves around Shiva, who is fed up of his software programming job and pines for an MBA degree to change the course of his life. He quits his job, takes an education loan and lands in one of the finest Indian B-school.

But, as they say that there is a plan bigger than your own. The same happens with Shiva who after completing his MBA, finds himself in the same office where he was working before. But, his perspective towards life change. He no longer sees his job as boring or unworthy. Probably, the degree of MBA has given him the vision to see things in a different perspective.

The storyline is so realistic that people who have gone through this stage can actually relate it to their lives. It is an enjoyable read for all those who are bugged by the great Indian MBA dream.

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